PJSIP over TLS Forbidden

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So I am having a small issue here, don’t know why as this worked the other day for me I am sure. I am using both SIP and PJSIP as Twilio only connects through SIP but I wish to use PJSIP for my extensions. This works fine over UDP and TCP but over TLS I get a Forbidden error when I try to dial out although the extension is registered. This does not happen when I use the standard port 5061 which I can’t do as I have to use it for SIP to talk to Twilio and the PTSN. Any idea why I can’t use PJSIP on a non-default port?

Untrue that Twilio only works with chan_sip. First solve that misunderstanding and then disable chan_sip altogether. Use only PJSIP and you can simplify your config.

See I don’t think you’ve understood the issue, that may be due to the way I wrote it. I am connected to Twilio fine on Chan_SIP using 5061 but when I try and use an extension on PJSIP via TLS on another port I get a Forbidden error when I dial any number, even internal extansions, this does not occur when I use port 5061 for PJSIP but then means I can’t connect to the PTSN does that make a little more sense?

Well, no, because you haven’t posted any logs or anything that would help someone understand the problem.

But you’ve started off with a false premise (Twilio only works with chan_sip) so I’d like to help you solve that and get your PBX configured to only have one SIP stack running. Then there won’t be any confusion about ports.

Thanks for your help Bill but I need both as the client wants to use the features of PJSIP on their extensions but Twilio uses ChanSIP so maybe I just change trunking providers maybe that’s your next idea? This should work I can’t work out what’s blocking it, as for the log a single line appears

90442[2021-01-25 17:11:20] NOTICE[402][C-00000012] chan_sip.c: Failed to authenticate device “1001” <sip:*** @sip.********.co.uk>;tag=7d577c1f62e542b59e90c46b278ed79f for INVITE, code = -1

Does that help maybe?

Why? I’m telling you it doesn’t need to. It can use pjsip.

Your phone is talking to the chan_sip port and not the pjsip port which is why it is being rejected.

How do I use Twilio with PJSIP then because the documentation is not very clear could you tell me that please?

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^-- That… Don’t use outdated guides.

These are completely not the same thing.

You are using non-TLS chan_sip and complainaing that you cannot make TLS chan_pjsip work.

Chansip and pjsip are concepts internal to Asterisk and no endpoint including Twilio knows which one you are using and it doesn’t make any difference to them.
If there is a working config for chansip, there is one for pjsip.
All that matters is that you get the config right, including the correct ports, etc.

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So turns out my local softphone was messing up, all works and all is sweet now :slight_smile:

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