PJSIP on 2 devices - can I ring the other device ? call my extension from my extension

is it possible to call “myself” and expect my other device to ring and answer on it ?
I get a busy message if I do.
I would call myself mainly for diagnostic.

For diagnostic calls you can simply call *43 from any extension and it will play a recording back and then allow you to hit 1 to try and hear yourself speak into the handset.

Thx Igor
*43 is not useful as I have issues with the push notification. I would like the called device to be sleeping :wink: when I call. I could also create an extension just for testing but I’m still curious if there is a simple way to call “myself”.

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If you have Call Waiting enabled on the extension, calling yourself should ring all phones registered to that extension, including the dialing phone.

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