Pjsip no registered subscribe handler for event reg

Can someone tell me what this error is trying to convey? It is hitting my full log every single second and blowing up my logs. I am experiencing no issues, and all of my phone are registering successfully (at least it seems that way).

“WARNING[18023]: res_pjsip_pubsub.c:639 subscription_get_handler_from_rdata: No registered subscribe handler for event reg”

Let me Google that for you:

The first entry on that list from the Asterisk Forums describes most of the ways this can fail.

Your humor is interesting, almost funny:) but didn’t answer the question at all. Trust me I have googled the error everyway I can before posting here. I can see many close answers, but not a single answer as to what “reg” is, or how to track down what device is causing the error that is blowing up my logs.

OK, here’s the link I was talking about - #1 on the Google list.

I’m not sure how this couldn’t solve your problem, but let me throw in a quick hint:

“event reg” is the Registration Event for a specific extension or trunk in your system. For whatever reason, your PJ-SIP handler is not able to register incoming phone registrations because there are no extensions registered as PJ-SIP extensions (they are likely Chan-SIP). Another possibility is that the registration is coming in on the PJ-SIP port for trunks that are registered through Chan-SIP.

All of this is covered in the link above.


Dave, I figured it out by accident. this is my first pjsip installation, and set up my extensions as pjsip (big mistake), making the assumption I had to because of port 5060. I changed all of my extensions back to SIP_CHAN, and modified the default port on the phones to 5160, and like magic the issue disappeared! Seems that the older phones just don’t work with pjsip.

There are lots of things that don’t work with PJ-SIP - granted, fewer every day, but still it sometimes pays to stick with the old stuff first.

If I had a single piece of advice for people “upgrading” from other distributions, it would be “one change at a time”. The upgrade to 13 cries out to try out the new drivers, but it would be nice if everyone that does one of these upgrades could move a little slower.

No. This log line means that pjsip received SUBSCRIBE for event type = reg (https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3680). This event type conveys information about registrations (i.e. are other peers registered?). As pjsip is modular for each event type there might be handler (event package) registered, but there is no “reg” package in vanilla pjsip and apparently no one was interested in implementing it so far.

@jtshows: check SIP trace, find source(s) of incoming SUBSCRIBEs with “Event: reg.” Phone(s) or whatever it is should allow to turn off this subscription.

It was definitely a compatibility issue with the phones. I just installed another site, using brand new phones, and they worked flawlessly with pjsip, the issue is with older phones only in my casel

It’s not an issue, it’s quite common scenario - phone is just asking for something that server is not supporting (it is enabled by default in phone configuration), server is replying with SIP/489 Bad Event, after some time phone is repeating request. Just some noise unless there would be hundreds of phones or they would repeat requests too often (total of once per seconds is really insignificant).

For anyone searching for this later on, here is your solution:

Assuming you have a Cisco or Polycom phone?

For Cisco, login using Admin mode, hit “Advanced”. Goto Att console tab,
Unit 1 Enable: NO
Unit 2 Enable: NO
Server Type: Asterisk

The phone is trying to subscribe to a server service that isn’t enabled or supported. You can see from sip trace, SUBSCRIBE message has : "Event: as-feature-event "
And server replies SIP/489.

Basically find what services your phone is trying to subscribe for and disable.

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