PJSIP no audio after module update

I have a system running Freepbx and Asterisk 14.6.0 using the PJSIP channel driver. It’s been working great for months until today when i updated the ‘ring groups’ module after a dashboard warning to update the module. that was the only module upgraded. I then lost audio between the endpoints. I did a RTP debug from the CLI. It spits out a few lines then stops. any suggestions on how to fix or debug this?


This has similarities with the following recent FreePBX 13 problem:

As patches have possibly been backported between the two it could possibly be the same problem and have the same solution…

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But i didn’t change anything with the SIP settings. Just updated the ring groups module. The server is behind NAT and the endpoints are behind NAT. I have the external IP and local subnet in the general section of the SIP settings.