PJSIP multiple phone registration

I’m experiencing weirdness, and hoping someone else has seen and fixed this.

I’ve set up a PJSIP extension (101) and have three Polycom’s registered to it (INFO-Peers confirms the registration).

When I call the extension from another phone, I only have the first phone that registered ring. Now in a previous install I’ve had this working great as soon as I changed contact to 2. It was a fairly simple thing, but now isn’t working. I’ve made a number of updates to the system since it last worked, so I don’t know if it’s a newly introduced bug, or just a dumb config issue.

Currently I’m on an Official Distro, version 10.13.66-11. (Asterisk 13, and FPBX 13)

Does anyone have any ideas?

In the extension you are registering to, have you set the max contacts to 3?

Yes,I did.

I ended up getting to work.

Turns out it was a “perfect storm situation”. When converting the extension to CHAN_SIP and back there was a little issue of saving the extension info BEFORE doing anything else. At the time when the change occurred and the page updated to the new CHAN driver, the extension name and a bit more disappeared, so I couldn’t save. I refreshed the page and then saved thinking that would do the trick, but some part of the extension seemed to still be in a CHAN_SIP mode instead of CHAN_PJSIP.

A recent update to the system fixed the disapearing info and after changing the broken PJSIP extensions the CHAN-SIP and Back, then changing contacts to 3 … all worked as expected.

Wasted the better part of the day on this…

Issue is closed.