Pjsip lost after distro upgrade

I have done distro upgrade (from 13/centos6 to 14/cetos7) on pbx runnig on PC Enegines APU board (with 32GB SSD as hard drive)

After upgrade I have lost pjsip form asterisk. There is only chan_sip info in reports/astersik info altough “both” is enabled in advanced settings SIP Channel Driver.

We have all extensions and trunks setup as pjsip, and now phones can’t register (“unavailable service”) and trunk is not registered too.

I have tried to switch asterisk version from 13 to 14 (via command asterisk-version-switch), but without success, pjsip not working :frowning:

What to do to make pjsip working again?

You can try to install PjSip driver again.

Solved by another asterisk verison switch and then full machine restart (until restart pjsip did not work). Now pjsip works, all phones and trunk registered and working.

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