PJSIP logging disapears after a config reload


I need to log SIP messages for a specific set of connections unsing the PJSIP module.
For that I’ve added to ‘/etc/asterisk/cli.conf’ something like this:

pjsip set logger host {ip_address}/{netmask} = yes

This setting works fine after I restart asterisk.
Nevertheless, after I reload the configuration via FreePBX 15 reload button, this configuration is lost, i.e, logging from the PJSIP module is disabled.
Is this a bug on FreePBX or am I missing some logging configuration?

Not tested, but I think what you want is to add to /etc/asterisk/pjsip_custom_post.conf
to log all calls.

Then, restart Asterisk and test.

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@Stewart1Works perfectly. Thanks!

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