PJSIP ipv6 trunk possible?

I am running Freepbx 15/Asterisk 16.9 and pure PJSIP. I have manually created an ipv6-udp transport for PJSIP and my ipv6 endpoints can connect to the freepbx box with no problem.

However, I do have an FXO gateway that I would like to setup as an ipv6 trunk. Is this possible? On the GUI I cannot select my custom ipv6-udp transport and if I use pjsip.endpoints.custom.post to adjust the transport of the trunk to my ipv6-udp, asterick throws errors of “address family not supported by protocol” in the log…


It works for me - the file name is /etc/asterisk/pjsip.endpoint_custom_post.conf

I added:


and then reload the config with fwconsole r

Got it working. Had no idea why it didn’t work before. Many thanks!

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