PJSIP extensions - no audio

Greetings, I am just doing some testing with PJSIP (via official v14 distro) just taking it for a test drive but I am having an issue where no audio is heard in either direction. This is a hosted solution so NAT is involved but this seems to work fine if I am using CHAN_SIP extensions but PJSIP extensions will get no audio. I am not even using any trunks at this point just testing ext to ext.

I have found several similar threads about this type of issue but no resolutions except to switch to CHAN_SIP.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

What version of Asterisk? Recent of versions of 13 and 14 have audio issues with natted endpoints.

Asterisk v13 , thanks for the URL I checked that out. I will wait and see if 13.17 solves it for me. Thanks!

On the Distro, you can easily roll back to 13.14.1 and test with:

yum downgrade asterisk13*13.14.1
fwconsole restart

Thanks, I will give that a shot now.

Question. Does the v14 distro have a aterisk v13.14 package?

yum --showduplicates list asterisk13 shows no earlier than

I guess not. You will have to wait until 13.17. it’s possible that you are not seeing the same bug, I was unable to reproduce it on a non-natted PBX.

No worries, it’s not a production issue just me trying to test PJSIP.