PJSIP Ext and Call History?


I am using the latest beta distro rc20. I am having issues after successfully registering my extensions and trunks using the driver PJSIP. The call history is not listed in the user control panel or the symphony panel. However, everything is working and I am able to make calls.
Any ideas? Maybe a setting? Or does anyone else have this issue. I do appreciate the help.


It works for me without changing anything or setting anything. All call history for said extension is in UCP. Did you check CDR Reports?

Weird, yes CDR reports does show call history. Nothing in the user control panel or isymphony tho?

It will only show it for the extensions you have assigned through user management.

Thanks for ur help. I do see it is linked and under the “user management” tab.

I dont know what to tell you. Sorry.

Thanks for trying. chan_sip works fine I guess I will have to use that.

Ok… just an update. It is working but only for incoming calls? Weird? Does anyone ELSE HAVE THIS ISSUE?

I had our QA guy look into it. This happens on chan_sip as well as pjsip but only for inbound external calls (it seems)

Really appreciate it. yes I tried both and both show internal calls but do not show outgoing. Is there another way to delete the call recordings? I can play them in CDR reports but cannot delete them or all of them in the user control panel.


Deleting them is something I didn’t really think about. You can always file a bug report

Also look for the new cdr module should fix everything

New cdr module just popped up. It says it fixed it trying it now. Thank A LOT. Ur bug report probably got it fixed.