PJSIP Endpoints and SIP Trunks

This may be a stupid question, but is there any restriction to using PJSIP for our endpoints while using Chan_SIP for our trunks with our carrier. Would we have to use separate ports for each protocol?

You can run both channel drivers with no issue. If using the same protocol e.g. UDP, they must use different ports. Default is 5060 for pjsip and 5160 for chan_sip. You can change these as you like, but they must be different.

However, why do you want to use chan_sip for your trunks? With most providers, pjsip is a cleaner solution.

I am going off of information from one of my techs as he stated previously we had issues with using PJSIP for trunks. We are currently moving from Vitelity to Bandwidth so maybe that should no longer be a concern.

When you say pjsip is a cleaner solution, what specific advantages does it offer?

The simplest one to explain is that with Chan-SIP, every IP address needs it’s own trunk. If you have four or five provider IP addresses (like VOIP Innovations and their table of 8), you can set this up with one PJ-SIP definition, but would require like 7 trunks, some incoming, some outgoing, some both…

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