Pjsip drop call

Hi, this is my first post and I would like to greet eveyone.
I’ve installed FreePBX at the last version and create some extensions with pjsip, registering three SPA504G with no errors. The problem is that every call has been dropped after 32 seconds, both incoming ad outgoing call. On another pbx (FreePBX) I solved changing the extension from pjsip to sip (legacy); in this case I’m trying to do the same but the SPA504G don’t register yet.

This is typically the result of not setting the correct public IP addresses and the local networks to be excluded from NAT.

Could you confirm that you are getting two way audio up to the point that the call is terminated.

Which side is terminating the call (might vary between inbound and outbound?

Generally we would want logs posted to pastebin, as per:


and in this case, issuing the CLI command “pjsip set logger on”, before making the test calls, will probably be useful.

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