PJSIP does not ring multiple AORs if follow me is turned on

I’ve just setup a new FreePBX server(12.0.65) using pure PJSIP. I’ve successfully registered three devices using the same extension. If I run “pjsip show endpoints”, I’ll see all three contacts listed as “Available”.

 Endpoint:  102/102                                              Not in use    0 of inf
 InAuth:  102-auth/102
    Aor:  102                                                5
  Contact:  102/sip:[email protected]:55712;transport=TLS  Avail             131.153
  Contact:  102/sip:56[email protected]:63086;transport=T  Avail              62.157
  Contact:  102/sips:[email protected]:37401;transport=TLS    Avail              98.236

If “Follow Me” is turned off for this extension, all three devices will ring for an incoming call. If FollowMe is turned on, then only one of the devices will ring. It seems it’s the last one to have registered.

I suspect this is a bug? If so, is there a place to log it?

If it’s not, could someone point me to the correct settings to get all registered contacts to ring when FollowMe is enabled?

The “Issues” link right up there ^