PJSIP Direct Media / Direct Audio

Is Direct Audio the same Direct Media? If so, and I have RDP forwarded from any source to my FreePBX box, is it safe to enable, i.e., Check Yes to Enable Direct Media?

What are the security concerns having a few thousand RDP ports open to anyone pointed at my box?

Thanks guys very much!

directmedia (chan_sip) and direct_media (chan_pjsip) allow the media to flow directly between the two endpoints. Asterisk is a B2BUA so by default all the media goes from endpoint -> Asterisk -> Endpoint. Setting this to yes makes it Endpoint -> Endpoint.

However, if the endpoints are behind NAT this is a bad thing. Direct media is usually only recommended when there isn’t any NAT and all the endpoints use the same codecs (no transcoding)

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Direct media + NAT on a B2BUA is just not going to work outside your LAN, if you want that, look for a SIP Proxy outside your LAN
Direct media on a public internet host will defeat any “in-call” PBX abilities after such completion, that is the other side of a B2BUA, (there are other ramifications)

Thanks you guys! Good info to know.

I will set Enable Direct Media to ‘No’ and remove my RDP forwarding from my firewall/router.


Depending on your router and how you configured it , you might still need RTP forwarding to your PBX.

You can also leave RDP (by default 3389) forwarding on if you use windows like remote desktop.

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