PJSIP contact has chansip port

PJSIP is running on port 5160, but for few of my pjsip endpoints the contact string says it’s registered to port 5060, which is chansip.
Those endpoints have been converted to chansip and back to pjsip a couple of times.

Anybody has seen this behaviour?

This contact has correct port:
Endpoint: 5314/5314 In use 1 of inf
InAuth: 5314-auth/5314
Aor: 5314 1
Contact: 5314/sip:[email protected]:5160 9d40508dc7 Avail 160.628
Identify: 5314-identify/5314

This contact has wrong port:
Endpoint: 5315/5315 In use 1 of inf
InAuth: 5315-auth/5315
Aor: 5315 1
Contact: 5315/sip:[email protected]:5060 9bff420ef1 Avail 120.599
Identify: 5315-identify/5315

The port the SIP service(s) is bound to on the PBX bears zero relationship to the port the endpoint uses to communicate with. There is no requirement that they match, and indeed, they can’t match in the case where you have multiple phones natted behind a single IP address:

34693894*CLI> pjsip show contacts

  Contact:  <Aor/ContactUri..............................> <Hash....> <Status> <RTT(ms)..>

  Contact:  5005/sip:[email protected]:1028                98e3a5ea2e Avail        81.932
  Contact:  5015/sip:[email protected]:1030                01c29288e5 Avail        93.479
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