PJSIP - BLF on Linksys phone

Just downloaded and installed latest FreePBX ISO. Stable 10.13.66. FreePBX 13. Asterisk 13.
The BLF’s do not appear to be working on phones. These are Linksys spa962 phones. The extensions are configured as pjsip. The phones work and register. Park and other features work great.
BLF’s worked correctly on older version of FreePBX and the programming of these buttons remains the same.
Changed one extension to chan_sip and changed the Linksys to port 5061. Phone would not register, so switched it back to pjsip.
When I do a “core show hint XXX” I get [email protected] : PJSIP/xxx&Custom:DND State:Idle Presence: Watchers 0