I just ran into an issue with a receptionist phone.

Using it in PJSIP makes it so that NO BLF hints are used. (Actually, core show hints tells me nobody is watching)

When I move to CHAN-SIP all is well.

I just updated everything with the upgrade scripts 13.10.66-11 (I think), and no change. I’m using a Polycom VVX410 as a phone with a bunch of SP335’s that should be getting watched.

Has anyone a solution to this?

(I did see an older topic on this refering to Asterisk group. They seem to say it’s fixed, but… here I am)

I’ve run into the same issue with a VVX411. Out of the box CHAN_SIP works. Out of the box PJ_SIP does not. I can get around it by having at least one dummy CHAN_SIP registration on the phone. And piggy back the BLF hints via that. Even though the extensions I’m monitoring are PJ-SIP extensions the CHAN_SIP registration carries the hints.

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