PJ SIP Features

In another thread James Finstrom writes:

Just what “key like” features has someone decided that users don’t want? Asterisk is, to my knowledge, the only IP PBX that does not support shared line appearance functionality.

I dont think James was stating anything particular just that with 12 someone could start getting hacky with things to try and come closer to Shared Line with extreme hacks and not something we will be doing.

I think you are completely misinterpreting James’ reply.

Asterisk 12 allows Multiple Endpoints to connect to one registration and they will all ring which some interpret as SLA, others do not. It’s up to you.

Also: it’s PJSIP, one word.

Speaking for my self (not the project) one thing I think should die is Old style SLA. That said this would probably be an Asterisk-dev question as to how they decide in feature request and assign priority. Remember Asterisk is the engine and we build and create within the scope of their feature set. When they add abilities we make them do things. When they deprecate things the things that use them die if the underlying feature is not functionally replaced.

Shared line appearance is not this issue for me, shared extension is. Every other IP PBX supports it and it is always an issue when selling.

It’s small workgoups where maybe an admin answers the phone for several managers (or a principal and assistant). We have come a long way with multiple parking lots, and most people can handle that. It is still a better work flow to put the call on hold and be able to pick it up somewhere else.

The ability for multiple phones to register to one extension on PJSIP will be useful but not for the same instance.