Pix 501

I have a FreePBX on the internet that I can’t get my phones to connect to through a Pix 501… I have opened up UDP 5060 to the LAN and UDP 10000-20000 and the phones are still not connecting. If anyone has any ideas please let me know… Thanks in advance.

what firmware version are you running on your pix?

If you post your config it would make it easier to help.

Use the code tags (see input format) and post the sanitized output of “show run” from the PIX CLI.

did you allowed the sip fixup?
Where are your phones compared to the server? Where is the pix? are you using PAT/NAT? did you defined a route? what IP address is defined for your server in sip.conf? Are your extensions and phones configured with nat? do you have allow/deny ip in your extensions? show config?

You are not giving us enough info to be able to help you.