Pitfalls sending recordings to Window Server?

I’ve set up samba shares for a mounted USB/NAS many times but was questioned if we could send the recordings to a windows server. Am I going to run into any permission issues or pitfalls trying to set this up?

I’ve never tried it for sending call recordings there, but you could mount it as cifs on the linux host and send recordings there.

If I were setting it up this way, I would not change the default recordings directory to the cifs share. I would instead use rsync or something like that to move recordings over on an interval.


Ensure /etc/asterisk/asterisk.conf has entries for both of

cache_record_files = yes       ; Cache recorded sound files to another                                                                         ; directory during recording.                                                   
record_cache_dir = /nice_big_fast_place_to_cache_to
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