PinSets on Outbound route causing phones to just hangup

I have a strange problem I can’t seem to solve yet.

I’m new to FreePBX and the compatibility between different VoIP hardware.

When I register using Zoiper on any extension the PinSets prompt works perfect as expected and I can input the pin and Dail out the outbound route with the pin set enabled

When I register a physical Yealink VoIP handset and make a call the call just drops with the logs stating the pin is entered incorrect but there was no prompt to enter pin and call just ends when failing the outbound route.

I believe it could be a setting on the phone that I can’t seem to figure out.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

The prompt is played in early media, so I’m guessing that perhaps all early media fails to play on the Yealink.

If you dial a number that doesn’t match an Outbound Route (or anything internal), you should hear “Your call cannot be completed as dialed …”, played in early media. On most systems, 000 is such a number.

What do you hear when dialing 000 on Zoiper? On the Yealink? What displays on the Yealink (you should see Calling, then Ringing, then when the announcement is over, Call Failed)?

Are the phones on the same LAN subnet as the PBX? If not, describe networking. PBX in a VM? If so, which? Using bridged networking? Running Zoiper on the VM host?

Yealink model? How provisioned? Factory reset before provisioning?

Hi Stewart,

Thank you for your reply,
Currently they are on the same subnet and the issue is only present on the Yealink phones not the Zoiper Mobile App which is a bit confusing.

I have reset the All the phones as well to troubleshoot
Currently I’m running the latest release of FreePBX on a Mini PC

If PinSets are disabled everything works perfectly as expected.
On Zoiper the PinSets work perfectly as expected with the prompt and entering the pin works as expected.
On Zoiper it says “The Call could not be completed as Dialed, Please check the Number and Dial again.” when dailing 000
On the Yealink Phones it says “The call is not covered by your tariff plan”

I believe somewhere there is a setting on the Yealink phones that’s not set correctly

Hi Stewart,

I went through all the settings on the Yealink and it seems as though that Early Media is switched off by default, I have enabled it and looks like the 180 message workaround setting was causing an issue as well with the prompt.
At the same time I monitored the logs and found that the Codec I was using (g729) was as well giving an error and when switching to (g722) everything worked as expected.

Thank you for the Heads-up about Early Media Stewart, Compliments to the new Year

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