"pinning" phones to extensions

Good Afternoon,

I have started the testing phase of FreePBX. I added the Endpoint Management Module. I have 3 phones (1 Aastra 6757i, 1 Aastra 6731i, and 1 Polycome 335) and all phones show up in the EPM. I have added 3 extensions using the bulk extensions module to add them. However, when I go to “pin” the ext to the phone they do not show up in the EPM. I have a screen shot if I could upload but don’t see how to accomplish that.

Just to be clear - what doesn’t show, the extensions or the phones?

Try going back to extensions and add the phone by mac address and type?

Or on the EPM click on the “find phones” link at the top… and if it finds them you can attach the extension. Find phones requires phones to be on same subnet.

The phones show up fine in EPM. The extensions do not show up in EPM.