Pinless Speed Dial

Hi all

Is it possible to have pinless speed dials in FreePBX?

Speed dials don’t require a pin number.

I don’t completely understand your question.

You have station level Speed Dial, that is a function of your handset

System speed dial uses a code defined in feature codes.

Thanks for the response, I should not have been so brief with my question,
I use pin codes for anyone who dials out and have added known numbers to the freepbx address book and assigned speed dials to these numbers e.g *012. But because of the pinsets when a user dial *012 system prompts for a pin code. I would like to know if there is a way to add an exception to the pin code rule for these speed dials.


This is like pulling teeth. What version of FreePBX and Asterisk are you running?

Hi Skyking

Ouch, I have searched but come up blank, currently I have created an outbound route
which has ‘Pin set’ set to ‘None’ and i have added all the speed dial numbers in this route but i have to manually add any new numbers when they are added to the speed dial list.

I am running FreePBX and Asterisk

Thanks again for your assistance.

I though there might be an option in 2.9 to disable pins on Speed Dial, I just checked and there is not.

You should always include Asterisk and FreePBX versions when asking for help.

I will certainly do that in future,
Is there any workaround to accomplish what I require?