Ping VLAN IP address?!

Should I be able to access the web interface, ping, or SSH on a VLAN interface that is setup?

eth0.25 is working because the phones are communicating to the PBX on the VLAN but I cant access the web interface, SSH or ping the phone system. I can do all of that on eth0 just fine and I can access the web interface of all the phones on VLAN25 with no issues.

I’d say no, since the IP address of the VLAN is different than the base server address, so there shouldn’t be any of those services listening that interface.

but the phones talk just fine on 5060 and 5160 as well as the RTP range. lol. Unless by design SIP and RTP are allowed on any interface.

I’m not sure how you’ve set up your VLANs, but normally when you set up VLAN tagging, you specify the interface on the server for these services to listen on, and they listen on that VLAN interface. So, when you tell the service that VOIP will be living on VLAN 25, the server turns on listeners on that interface.

Log into the console and see what ‘netstat -n’ tells you about who is listening where. That should be enlightening.

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