Ping results in Peers

Not sure if this matters, but all my yealink phones have crazy high pings. My other devices like my Polycoms are normal (polycom top, yealink below).

6884/6884 D Yes Yes A 5060 OK (1 ms)
6891/6891 D No No A 5062 OK (70 ms)

These are all on the LAN and if I ping that address, its very low. Why is freepbx reporting 70ms? Could this be a misconfiguration on my end of things? Or a sign of a larger issue?

I always assumed that it was averaging over the qualify period. My qualify is set to 60s, so assumed it was 60s averages.

I also see spikes of high latency sometimes - 1000ms to phones on the LAN - but users have never reported any problems. Such high latency with no problem reports is why I assumed it either wasn’t right, or was an average - but nonetheless it never seemed to reflect real life.

I’d love confirmation though. As well as what the latency cutoff is for a handset to become UNREACHABLE?

I did a little more research. Apparently, ‘ping’ is a misnomer. Asterisk performs a SIP OPTIONS query and that’s the latency it reports. I don’t understand the SIP protocol to make heads or tails of whether a 70ms latency means anything. It seems worrysome, but we havent had any quality issues in testing, so I’m assuming its ok.

There is some explanation here that could be useful to understand for ip pbx administrators.

70ms is nothing to worry about. Asterisk will report the phone as lagged if the response comes back >1000ms. I am typically seeing around 100-200ms for phones connected via wifi.