Pin to call International issue

Hi all, currently my office is using FreePBX 2.8.1, we want to allow staff to call international with their desire pin. Example Michael’s pin is 1234, where Alice’s pin is 5678. Both of them call call to international without limitation, the only difference is their pin. We want to implement this to avoid staff abuse the international call features by using other staff’s phone.

Can this possible be done? Any reply are welcome, thanks!


You can use the PIN sets and set them on your outbound route specifically for dialiling out to international…

in the sequence of dialing out, you have to set distinctive routes for intl and others (non intl)

Intl route pattern can be like
00X. (matching anything with 00 followed by any number is considered international)

Associate the pin sets created here.

Then create another outbound route for the rest, e.g.
This one doesnt need pins