Pin Set Pro

Will the Pin Set Pro module allow me to require a password (pin) for specific phones to be used? We are in a school environment, and for security purposes need to have a phone in the locker rooms. However, since these rooms are not monitored by staff all the time, we’d like to require a password for ALL calls initially. We may need to allow 911 calls, and calls to the High School Office as well. Thanks in advance…

For legal compliance and the fact that locker rooms are slippery places, I’d suggest allowing 911 calls. The last thing you need is somebody to die because 911 wasn’t available on that phone (your office might see it as a legal issue, THEN a moral issue). I’m not a lawyer and this does not constitute legal advice; consult an attorney licensed by your state’s bar.

This module would work for what you need - if you need to toggle it. You could also just ONLY allow one specific route on the phone and call it a day.

Thanks for the information… I agree, I think there would have to be some routes allowed for that extension. I will go ahead and purchase this module. Thanks again!

Any time :slight_smile: I was one of the student interns (read: slaves) in my high school IT dept back in the day, I know the struggles lol. There’s a lot of really useful modules…if you have any other questions feel free to post back or PM me! The fax pro module has saved us a ton of money, and I know that’s music to a school’s ears :stuck_out_tongue:


Given your “clients” and a little study of “human engineering” , I would suggest that you remember that these guys/girls you are providing for and protecting against, are the same folks who daily go to tor and the “dark web” they will crack your PIN before 4:20pm the day after someone correctly enters a PIN :slight_smile:

I would suggest a cheaper alternative, make a custom-context, where 666 is your “High School Office” extension.

include => from-internal
exten => 911,1,goto(from-internal,911,1)
exten => 666,1,goto(from-internal,666,1)
exten => _X.,1,hangup()

and put your extension in that context (use the custom-context module if you want)

Actually Dicko that’s not only a brilliant idea, but the front office could place the outgoing calls for a teacher/authorized user if needed and then conference them + hang up…brilliant!