Pickup a held call with any extension

We have a doctor’s office environment with one call group for all extensions.
If one extension puts a call on hold, then we would like to be able pickup from any extension.

  • I am a bit surprised that once a call is held, then the other extensions do not show the line in use.

Do I need to form a “Pickup group”?

  • I can’t find a pickup group feature with ASTERIX (freepbx) gui.
  • I noticed that “/etc/asterisk” has entries for:
    “callgroup=” and

The hold is local to the phone, that is inherent with Asterisk and SIP technology.

What you are describing is a parking lot. Make a parking lot with as many people as will be on hold concurrently. Assign a BLF lamp to each one of those parking slots. Once a call is parked the light will illuminate and anyone can pickup the call.

I have verified the module is installed.
When I use Application -> parking I don’t see any configurable parameters:
This module is used to configure Parking Lot(s) in Asterisk.

Simply transfer the call to said parking lot extension. Asterisk will then read back the parking lot number the call has been placed in. To retrieve the call simply dial that number back.

Example usage:
*2nn: Attended Transfer call into Park lot nnn (It will announce the slot back to you)
nn: Park Yourself into Parking lot nnn (Annoucning your parked slot to you)

What very of FreePBX are you running? In 2.10 the parking lot feature is configured under “Settings” and “Parking Lot”. Do you have the Parking module enabled in “Monbile Admin”?

Thank you for your help again

Module Admin shows under Applications:
Call Park,, Enabled

I now see that under Applications -> Parking

  • There is a default link to click, then I could see the config.

I was successful in holding a call, but the other extensions do not show a call held indicator.

Is there a way to show a call is held on the other extensions?

Earlier SkyKingOH wrote:
"Assign a BLF lamp to each one of those parking slots. Once a call is parked the light will illuminate and anyone can pickup the call.“
Unfortunately I don’t see a “BLF lamp”. I do see:
“BLF Capabilities” == ENABLE
"Find Slot” == FIRST

Is there something to add to:
“Parking Alert-info”?

What kind of phones? I assumed you knew had to subscribe to a hint with a BLF key on your phone.

If you look at the hints you will see one generated for each parking slot. You can subscribe a button in BLF mode to the SIP hint and it will illuminate.

This subscription is part of your phone programming.

I assumed you knew had to subscribe to a hint with a BLF key on your phone.
I found getting the phones to work was magical with the “OSS ENDPOINT”.
When I look at a single extension configuration I see a “SECRET” field.

  • Is that the BLF key? The other sip extension fields I see are:
    dtmfmode, canreinvite, context, host, trustrpid, sendrpid, type, nat, port, qualify, qualifyfreq, transport, encryption, callgroup, pickupgroup, disallow, allow, dial, accountcode, mailbox, vmexten, deny, permit

If you look at the hints you will see one generated for each parking slot.
I don’t see a specific parking slot, but items describing a group:
Parking Lot Extension:?
Parking Lot Name:?
Parking Lot Starting Position:?
Number of Slots:? (71-78)
Parking Timeout (seconds):?
Parked Music Class:? default
BLF Capabilities:? Enable Disable
Find Slot:? Next First

You can subscribe a button in BLF mode to the SIP hint and it will illuminate.
My AAstra 6731i phone under “Global Sip settings” has an empty field called “BLA Number”.
Do I need to paste the “secret” info to the empty “BLA Number”?

This has nothing to do with the extension settings. The BLF’s are generated by the Parking module. You have to have the BLF capabilities enabled.

The in the endpoint manager (are you using that) you assign a key type to BLF and subscribe to the parking lot number.

The asterisk command ‘core show hints’ should show a hint for each parking lot and if you successfully subscribe to it the number will increase next the the hint with each subscribed SIP device.

Secret is for SIP peer authentication. BLF subscriptions use line 1 on Aastra’s by default for authentication.

Thank you for your help again.
Do you recommend paying for the module “Settings->Endpoint Manager”?

  1. I now know how to find ‘core show hints’.
  2. I can’t find a “Subscribe button” on the phone’s web server or in the ASTERISK menus provided by FreePBX. I do have access “OSS endpoint manager”, but have not found a subscribe button.

You’re making this way too complicated than it is. All you do is program a button as a BLF and instead of an extension number enter the park pickup number (71,72,73…).

You don’t have to put all of the possible numbers in, just as many as you would likely use. I normally use just the first three.

You are having trouble with the term subscribe. The phone will take care of that. As Bill said, button type BLF and the parking slot.

I am sure you can do that with the OSS EPM. The commercial one does have deeper Aastra support.

Hi Andy,

I’ve been setting up a FreePBX system for my dental office. We’re using FreePBX and mainly Cisco SPA504G phones. We have 2-3 front desk people that would typically place a call on hold for someone else to pickup from another phone, so I’ve had to recreate basically what you’re looking for. I’ve been able to accomplish this by programming one of my line keys and one of my soft keys.

First, the line key. For it to be fully usable, we need the button to turn red (on our Cisco phones) when there’s a call that someone else needs to pickup, which they can then pickup by pressing the button. Here’s the code I’m using to accomplish that:
fnc=blf+sd;sub=*[email protected]$PROXY;
I’ve also given the button the short name “Unpark” since that seems to be fairly understanable. The downside to this code could be that we don’t have control over which parked call is picked up, but I don’t really see that being an issue very often.

To allow calls to be parked easily, I made a PSK that displays “Park” when there is an active call. Here’s the code:
fnc=sd;[email protected]$PROXY;nme=Park;
Feel free to PM me if you have any questions on our setup. We’ve been fairly happy overall. Still working out some of the kinks of getting everything up and running.

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Kevin - I label the key “Pickup” instead of unpark.

What you need to do is have a pickup key for each slot not global. Then you can park and announce :IE Kevin - Wife is parked on 1 or whatever.

To take it to the limit you can use the new parking pro module to create parking lots with a single slot. Then you can have a single button park/unpark key for each let and actually park the call in the destination slot. Very hand for admin/executive type setups.

SkyKing: I would totally label every parking lot with a line key, but our phones up front only have 4 buttons, so my workaround will have to work for now. I can add an attendant console to my Cisco phones, so if it looks like I need the flexibility of multiple parking lots I’ll definitely look at that. Thanks for the tip. I’ll have to look at the pro module a little closer.

Hi Kevin,

Where did you enter:
“fnc=blf+sd;sub=*[email protected]$PROXY;”

On asterisk, would I go to the “parking” application.
Under “Default lot” would I put the above string in a field called:
“Parking Alert-Info:”