Pick up the phone and start to dial and I get, "All circuits are busy now." But input the number then press "Dial" and it works

Topic says it all. If I pick the (Digium) phone up and start to dial a number, I get “All circuits are busy now”. But dialing the number first then pressing “Dial” works.

typically with most IP phones when you dial a number and then press dial or pick up the handset all the digits are sent to the pbx. if you first pickup the handset and then start dialing the local dial plan on the phone is used to know when to send the digits to the pbx. what kind of phone? which version of freepbx? are you using the end point manager to set up the phones?

More than likely the dialing timeout is being reached before you finish dialing. I think the default is something like 4 seconds. If it takes you longer than that to dial the number, Asterisk will try to dial the number with whatever numbers it has, therefore, causing the dial to fail.


The phones are Digium, the core version is, and I don’t know if we’re using the endpoint manager to set up the phones. I didn’t have anything to do with their installation. It was all done before I came aboard.