Pick up handset goes to handsfree

Not consistent and I haven’t reproduced it but I get occasional complaints from one person that sometimes when she answers an incoming call by picking up the handset it goes to hands free. Has anyone else seen this?


What phones are you using?

Sorry should have included some info:
PBXact 13.0.195
Sangoma S500

Since both of these are ‘Sangoma’ commercial pieces and may be covered under warranty, you might add a second prong to your attach and fire up a support (or maybe issues) ticket.

The error report indicates that it’s just one person and one phone, so I’d start with the ergonomics of the situation. When she reaches for the phone, is there anything that could be bumping the speaker button? I know it’s kind of an obvious question, but you see where I’m going, right? is she using a lifter on the phone, or is she using a headset? Check the case of the phone out and see if the speaker button is ‘captured’ in the down position. Look for the obvious physical stuff. If the button works fine by itself (and she’s not hitting the button accidentally) then try swapping the handset out for another one. If that moves the problem, it’s a bad handset and should (if under warranty) should be replaceable. If the problem persists, the answer has got to be something in her environment.

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