Pick up calls from queues (+ BLF software?)

Hello everyone
I know that there are already some post with kinda same question, but no one got a real answare, i cant find out anything usefull by jut googling and i didnt find anything on the wiki so here I am.

essentially, I just want to know if it is possible to pick up calls from a queue!

here is an example:
Lets says that A call my receptionist (wich is B) asking to talk to C
B call C wich is busy! now, since B must be sure that C want to accept the caller, B need to put A in a wait/hold/pause mode!
I’m aware of the “parking” functionality but it doesnt fit so well what i want to achieve

I need that B can put A in a queue to itself with a minimumn time of waiting around 5 minutes!
this in order to let B try to call back C and check if it still busy or its free, or just take others incoming calls!
but i need that, if C is free, B can pick up the call from the queue so A wont wait the full 5 min!

That is not how Queues work. What you want is Park. So that is the right solution.

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Hi Tom, thanks for reply!

You are definitly right BUT i would like and hybrid between those two functionalities!

Parking is pretty good but you have to remember wich call is parked where…
it would be way better if parking was “automatized” so if you have 3 incoming calls A-B-C, if you park A then B then C when you press 1 button it will get back A, when you terminate call with A if you press the button again you will pick B and so on…
Is this achievable in any way? if not, i’ll just use the classic parking feature ^^

Thans anyway for your time!

That’s what you use BLF’s for and do exactly what you are talking about. Queues will not work the way you think they will for this. When you put a call in the queue it will be there in it order it was put in and they will hold. There’s not way to “pull” them from the queue, the queue will want to hold them until an Agent is available to send the call to.

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I’m sorry but think i’m missing the point…
Isnt BLF the function that, if your phone have some led, you can assign an extension to each led and track whenever they are busy or not?

I’m not understanding the correlation between parking lot and BLf …

Busy Lamp Field tells you if what you are monitoring is busy or not. You can use BLF to monitor a few things. You can monitor Parking Slots, Queues, Agents, Voicemails, Time Conditions, etc. BLF just checks if there is a BUSY for the item the Hint is for.

Most phones even have multi-function BLF so if you press a BLF button for an “available” item it will Speed Dial it. If you are on a call and press a BLF button it will do a Attended or Blind Transfer (depending on phone settings), it can do Directed Call Pickup on the line it BLFs.

It’s not uncommon for a call to come in, hit the front desk, they put that call on hold and then either do a Valet (overhead style) page that says “Bob, line 1. Bob, line 1” or they call the person and say "Hey Bob, you have a call on line 1).

Got it!
Thanks for clearing my ideas and helping me out,

You can technicality do that by adding a working extension to that queue, or a virtual extension with a followme, then set a BLF key to monitor that extension or virtual extension, and simply press the BLF to “retrieve” the call.

But as Tom said, Park would work better and is designed for that.

Sure you both are right, but to be honest i didnt understood the part about monitoring your praked calls

Assume that i have a phone with 10 led for BLF and i need all of those 10 to track 10 different extension…
How can i manage to track how many parked calls i have? and ho i can track in wich lot they are parked?
It’s probably easy tu understand but i’m not into phone systems so i’m struggling a lot to get your point…

edit: basically im wondering if there is a tool/app/software that connect to FreePBX and can BLF your extension from your computer!
maybe just FOP2??

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