Pick Call that came back to original phone that park called

I have a call park group that when a user puts that call on park and they are on hold for 120 seconds it goes back to the orginal phone that put in on park… However another user cannot pick the call up from another phone even when dialing ** then the ext number. Call pickup works on regular call coming in to a phone

That actually kind of makes sense. The call back to parking isn’t coming in on an inbound route - it’s being routed directly to the local extension. It would be the same as dialing an extension from another extension and allowing that call to get picked up using the GPickup Key.

It doesn’t violate the rule of least astonishment, but I can see why you’d expect it to work.

Maybe you should put in a feature request?

Does it work if the ‘another user’ dials the call park slot number that the call was parked on, just plain ? (even if the original recipient used ##70 for blind transfer, the call park slot is being announced to the whoever does the parking - the other intended recipient then just needs to dial that parking slot number and the call is unparked to them) IMNSWIO, what you want would be not compatible with what people actually do/expect with call park… ?

If Ext A transfers Ext B into a parking lot and then Ext C dials **A you won’t be able to pickup Ext B. So a feature request wouldn’t help. Simply dialing the parking slot would work.

I issues i when the call comes back to the orginal person who puts it on park. You cannot dial **ext # to pick up the call

This isn’t about picking up the call from the parking lot. That works as it always has.

The specific problem is that, when a call in the parking lot expires, it is routed back to the extension that originally dropped it into the slot. Since it’s a direct call, it makes sense that it would be non-interceptable (the call is going from the system to a specific extension).

The question (or. more specifically, the “is what I’m seeing correct?”) is can a call that coming back from an expired parking lot session be picked up by the call-pickup (GPickup) group. My suspicion (and the testing that JarJar did) implies that this call cannot be intercepted by a group pickup request. Note that the call is no longer in the parking lot at this point - it has expired and is being routed back.

The feature request would be something along the lines of the following:

“When a call in the parking lot expires and is returned to the original extension that parked the call, group pickup does not work. I’d like to be able to use “** extension” to pick up the call in case the person that put the call into the parking lot is not available.”

Honestly, I can’t think of a reasonable use case for it, but it’s come up, so the discussion should be interesting.

Hm I must have then misread what OP wrote… thanks @cynjut for clarification!
so when call is timed out on call park AND is being returned to whoever parked it, actually, it should be pickable, as any other call would be… bit surprised, that it is not the case :wink:

Open a feature request at issues.freepbx.org