PIAF Web GUI - Admin Console Messed up


My FreePBX (PIAF) administration GUI messed up. We had freepbx support given to external entity and they had some IP addresses entered for our ISP somewhere…and for those network IP addresses it opens up fine but not from other ip addresses which are not added to some configuration file of PIAF.


Attached how my web admin gui looks from other IP addresses.
Do you have and idea where did they add those IP address? I know it is not ari.conf file

Please help!!

There should be no difference based on the client IP. All resources should arrive on the same ports. With that in mind it should typically be all or nothing. It may be good to watch the browsers console.

In Chrome “right click” and choose “inspect element”.
Then click on the “Network tab”

Reload your page and watch the “Status” column

You may see “401” there which means your issue is probably related to apache authentication.

This is (attached) what it shows in Inspect element --Network --Status:

But I do not know why it opens fine from those IP addresses/network.

Thanks for the reply!

Sorry 403 is essentially the same as 401. It means your apache configs are incorrect. You may wish to hit up the PIAF forums and see if someone can give you the default configs that will likely work as desired or you can look through the apache configs and try to debug them.

Check htaccess? PIAF uses htaccess for access control (though it also uses iptables). So… not sure why they would do it this way, but I’m thinking they used htaccess to filter access to apache by ip address. I don’t know much about doing it that way because I’ve always used iptables or a firewall to whitelist access to the pbx, but here’s a resource I found that might help: http://www.htaccess-guide.com/deny-visitors-by-ip-address/ Good luck!