Pi 4 Distro with a working Endpoint Manager?

Is there presently any Pi4 distro with a working Endpoint Manager (free or commercial). I have the PBX 16-15 distro working on a Pi4 and OSS installed, but the OSS Manager does not configure anything. Is there an earlier PBX release that works on the Pi4? Any suggestions?
Thanks, Ron

There is no FreePBX Distro (official release from Sangoma) for Raspberry Pi. RasPBX and similar are community projects containing only open source software. At this time, there is no legal way to run commercial modules on a Pi.

However, the OSS Manager should be able to provision any of the devices it knows about. What kind(s) of phones are you using? How many? What goes wrong (phone doesn’t download the file, phone gets errors, can’t setup template, etc.)?

I was just able to get a RasPBX instance going. I installed OSS with an error, was able to get it to load the config files for Digium phones, and then deleted OSS. So, I cannot run OSS but the phones are working (without voicemail).

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