PhpMyAdmin FreePBX 13

Is there a way to view PHPmyAdmin in FreePBX 13? I can’t seem to find the option for it. I want to create a test table for a script I’m writing.


I would recommend not using PHPmyadmin for anything, ever…

I know it’s not good to use, but this is just a test server, and I’d just like to create a quick database. I find it a lot easier to create a database in PhpMyAdmin rather by doing all of the MySQL myself

Ok - I’ll bite - what is wrong with PHPMyAdmin? I NEVER expose my boxes to the internet, so if it’s a security thing, I am good - if it screws things up, that is a different question.

How can I find the IP address and default user and password for the database in FreePBX? is the default username and password just “root” and no password?

Check the config files in your /etc/asterisk directory. There are a couple of places that provide the root password to the database.

In older versions, the user was root and the password was blank, but root’s access was limited to the localhost, so it was reasonably secure.

As far as PHPMyAdmin - there are better tools out there that are easier to control. The link that James provided does have many other countervailing arguments, but (to me) it just seems like a terrific kludge to use your webserver to manage your database.

Or perhaps:-

a gui that exposes the server safely to either the local machine if it has an x-window server or another (even a windoze box :slight_smile: ) (add a mysql user with an acl to suit).

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Workbench is quite nice to use.

Also the default user name is root, and default password is nothing.

Thanks for the help guys.