PHP Upgrade/Downgrade help - PEAR DB not working

Hi, wondering if someone can help. I was in the process of installing the sysadmin module for FreePBX. It alerted me to the fact I needed to upgrade PHP to 5.3, I upgraded PHP fine but then found out the hard way that it broke my existing setup, after doing some research I realised I needed to upgrade FreePBX to 2.10.

I then removed PHP 5.3 using ‘yum remove php php-*’ and reinstalled php using ‘yum install php’ which installed PHP 5.1.6-39.el5_8

Everything seems fine however it appears PEAR hasn’t been compiled with PHP as I’m now getting ‘DB Error: extension not found’ looking at phpinfo() I can see ‘–without-pear’ in the configure command section so am guessing that’s the issue.

If anyone can help me get back up and running I would be most grateful.


Try type “pear install db”

did you try: yum install php-pear ?