PHP Question :)

Not sure what forum to post this on so I will try here first.

I like to write scripts for my Aastra phone. 480i.

I have done all my scripts with Apache on windows. I thought I would try it on Linux with the AsteriskNOW FreePBX 1.4 load.

So my code is below something very simple to display on the screen. However it does not open a file and do something then write the file.

On my Windows / Apache box the screen will display and open the file. On my Linux box it will display the screen fine but will not open that file.

Why would it be ingnoreing those file commands? Any ideas? It works if I run it with php script.php.

<?php $textmenu = "\n"; $textmenu .= "------- Test -------\n"; $textmenu .= "\n"; $textmenu .= "Applications\n"; $textmenu .= "\n"; $textmenu .= "\n"; $textmenu .= "\n"; $textmenu .= "Select\n"; $textmenu .= "SoftKey:Select\n"; $textmenu .= "\n"; $textmenu .= "\n"; $textmenu .= "Exit\n"; $textmenu .= "SoftKey:Exit\n"; $textmenu .= "\n"; $textmenu .= "\n"; echo $textmenu; $fp=fopen("/var/www/html/aastra/awa-det/conference/test.txt","w+"); fwrite($fp); fclose($fp); ?>

It was a permissions thing on the folder :slight_smile: