PHP Fatal Error came out of nowhere?

Running FreePBX 12.0.65 and Asterisk 11.16.0

Today, one of our customers with about 200 phones called us via a cell phone to inform us of calls not working.

Their server’s screen showed the following:

I frantically hit Ctl+c, which pulled up the login screen. I logged in. Asterisk was running, but made some quick test calls to no avail.

After a reboot command, the same error above showed, so I did what it said for “Recommended steps” and immediately the server was functioning properly.

My question is, why did this happen? We have a couple servers running the same exact versions, which did not experience the issue. Should I expect those servers to have the same issue soon? What may have triggered this?

Try to disable the XMPP and have a try.

I can do that of course, but any way to know for sure that that will prevent the problem from happening again?

I went ahead and did that, thanks. But is this kind of error I should randomly expect from another module in the future? Is there any way I can determine the root of the cause?

So we had the error again, but on another server (that I had disabled xmpp on btw). Any idea what the root of the cause might be? This caused a four hour outage with our customer and we would really like to avoid random problems like this in the future.