PHP caching

I was wondering if anyone has used php caching (eg. apc) with freepbx as a way to speed things up. For example, everytime res_agi runs, a fresh php interpretter is started to run the module, and I suspect that using apc should speed this up.

Anyone with any experience of trying this?

AGI is shell agnostic, every time an agi script is called it will open a new shell defined in your agi script, which might or might not be php.

Theoretically your AGI script could call an already running and cached shell, I guess that could be a “php cached” procedure.,

I think I understand the design criteria:

. agi must be able to run any executable, so that modules can be run in
whatever approach is beat for them.

. In practice a lot of modules will then be written in php as that world
will for many of them.

So my question was whatever using a form of php caching to speed things
up was appropriate, such as APC.

In the absence of any hints on this out there, I installed APC to see.
The admin web pages are significantly faster (down from 5-10 seconds to
1-2). I have yet to do the analysis on phone calls.

Given this level of improvement, I’m wondering why this module isn’t a
standard part of the raspbx distro.


I think you posted that in the wrong forum :slight_smile:

You are right!

However, I’m also wondering why it isn’t at least suggested ass a standard part of freepbx generally as I would assume that anyone who uses freepbx would benefit from it!