Php-asmanager.php , ampbackup.php PHP Fatal error

4-5 times in the last few weeks we have had backups fail. each time we get an email like this:

Subject: Cron [email protected] /var/lib/asterisk/bin/ampbackup.php 28

PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 209715200 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 206307233 bytes) in
/replica/var/www/admin/common/php-asmanager.php on line 193

We use Debian Squeeze. asterisk- and FreePbx. there are no other gui’s .

I have memory_limit = 200M in the php.ini files in /etc/php5 . [ there are a few php.ini files , I am not sure which one is used so I changed the 3 I found].

Has anyone else seen this issue or have a suggest solution?

There is more info posted here:

98% of the entries were from voip inbound to queue .

there were no BLKVM pots related records.

however 80% of our incoming calls are from voip line.

If it helps I could email a file with 300+ entries and send info from /var/log/asterisk/full .

Let me know what I can do to help fix the issue.

208, 216 and 242 are not queues.

OK, this will delete all BLKVM: database deltree BLKVM

What version of FreePBX?

is the version

-rw-rw-r-- 1 asterisk asterisk 900K Oct 6 09:31 /var/lib/asterisk/astdb

the backup runs 3x per day. it is for config only .

19 of the last 21 times it has not had a problem. this mornings and last nights backups seem ok.

we also have a daily backup of almost all .

OK, now if you do a backup, do you get the same error?.
If you look at the file /var/lib/asterisk/astdb, what size does that file have?

The reason for the stray BLKVM is under investigation.

If you open up a CLI to asterisk (asterisk -r) and type database show blkvm, do you have a lot of them?
If you do, then type (off hour) database del BLKVM

when I typed that it returned an error.

Usage: database del
Deletes an entry in the Asterisk database for a given
family and key.

so I copied the entries to a bash script and did many:
asterisk -rx "database del BLKVM 122/SIP/vitel-inbound-000001e7 "

we use asterisk- so maybe the cli is a little different

there are a lot:

/BLKVM/208/SIP/9005-00000b00 : TRUE
/BLKVM/216/SIP/210-000001bc : TRUE
/BLKVM/216/SIP/214-000009d0 : TRUE
/BLKVM/216/SIP/218-00000c54 : TRUE
/BLKVM/216/SIP/218-0000112c : TRUE
/BLKVM/216/SIP/218-00002ee6 : TRUE
/BLKVM/242/SIP/214-00000c98 : TRUE
303 results found.

OK So I’ll do something this for to DEL 303 times:
database del BLKVM 242/SIP/214-00000c98

  • What are those 303 items?

  • Is there a way to prevent them?

thanks for your help!

Just type database del BLKVM and they will all be removed.

Are 208, 216 and 242 queues?