Php agi

Hello from France, I try desperately to use AGI script (PHP) without success (so far).
I configured a queue whose agents are external SIP numbers, and I want to run my script after an agent picked up the line and then hung up. I know I need to add some things in extensions_custom.conf and to do a “dialplan reload” then, but i don’t understand what i have to add/copy into the /etc/asterisk/extensions_custom.conf ?

[context ? from-queue ?] exten => ??,AGI(myF****Script|${myF****variables})

if someone could point me in the right direction or a clue …

… someone here ?

Nobody is going to F***** teach you how to F***** program, you need to hit the F****** books and learn how to F***** program F***** Asterisk.

Sorry got carried away with the theme from The O.P.

i AM learning and i try , trying to understand … and there are lot of things to assimilate. i don’t wanna someone teach me all about PBX’s World but just a little tip or two …

You will need to do custom dialplan scripting. Check the site for help on how to do that, including how to use the PHP AGI.
This is getting a bit outside the freepbx, so you would be better off looking for assistance from generic Asterisk sites/tutorials.

TIP: I am not sure if there is a hook in the dialplan after an agent picks up a call. You will have to look at the code FreePBX generates and see if there is. If there is then that is the name of your context.

TIP 2: No digits in extension, it will be the ‘s’ for the context.

TIP 3: You don’t need to know the whole PBX “World” just as Dicko mentioned, Asterisk coding.