PHP 5.1 with FreePBX 2.10 and later?

Hello FreePBX gurus,

I was believing that FreePBX 2.10 & later required PHP 5.3 or later. I think I picked this up by reading:

But I just reread it, and it actually states that provisions are included for compatibility with PHP 5.1 (at least at the time of that writing).

I know there was some noise this week regarding the OSS Endpoint Manager & PHP 5.3:

I do realize that PHP 5.1 has been end of life since 2006. Yet RedHat & others have continued to patch exploits in PHP 5.1 in accordance with their distro support lifecycle. So technically PHP 5.1 may still be receiving security patches depending on your distro.

That being the case, I do realize that it is of course ideal for all FreePBX-based systems to be running PHP 5.3. And I also don’t expect that you guys will continue compatibility to PHP 5.1 forever.

However, I have some clients with systems that I’ve hesitated to upgrade from FreePBX 2.9 to 2.10 unless they are on PHP 5.3.

Can you guys confirm whether the current 2.10 release is compatible with PHP 5.3, and whether 2.11 also will be? Also, are there specific plans yet as to when 5.1 will be discontinued?

I just want to be able to advise & help my customers appropriately & make sure that if PHP needs upgraded for them to be fully functional on FreePBX 2.10+, then we work on that. And if it doesn’t, then we probably will avoid the PHP upgrade project, as it is not just a quick simple upgrade, I would rather save them the disruption & money if the PHP upgrade is not currently necessary. But of course as soon as it becomes necessary, then we will have no choice but to do it if they want to continue to have a secure & feature-packed FreePBX (speaking of future FreePBX versions).

If any of you insider gurus could please shed light on this & give confirmation, I would appreciate it.


There are things that are being done on both OpenSource modules and the Commercial ones that have requirements for PHP 5.3 and moving forward more and more modules will require this.


Thanks for the info. Can you confirm whether any currently released open source modules require PHP 5.3?

I do realize that moving to 5.3 is inevitable for any boxes that want to continue to enjoy the FreePBX product in the future. However, I would like to know if today I upgraded all of my clients’ boxes which are currently on PHP 5.1 to the latest FreePBX 2.10.x, would/should everything work as long as they aren’t using any commercial modules?

I’d like to get everyone up to a certain point, and from there we can take care of the upgrade to PHP 5.3.

For us, the PHP 5.3 upgrade will require a FreePBX backup, uninstall, reinstall & restore due to the fact that we started with AsteriskNOW, and although we’ve disabled FreePBX updates coming from their distros, yum requires that we let it remove FreePBX prior to it removing PHP 5.1 & installing 5.3.

I have more confidence that the FreePBX backup/restore will be more featuristic & complete if we are using FreePBX 2.10.x (I know the backup/restore module is being continually improved).

So if we can have the assurance that 2.10 (using only open source modules) is currently compatible with PHP 5.1, then I can follow this course.

Once we are on 5.3 then we can actually start going after the commercial modules (I am very interested about the new Endpoint Manager).

I appreciate any additional insight you or anyone else here can give regarding this plan.

Thanks again!


There is no list that I know of but I know all Commercial Modules require it and the DAHDI Config module does off the top of my head.

Any idea whether backup & restore does? Or who would? Do you think it is a good idea to do the backup/restore from:
FBPX 2.10 & PHP 5.1 to FPBX 2.10 & PHP 5.3
or would it be better to go with:
FBPX 2.9 & PHP 5.1 to FPBX 2.9 & PHP 5.3, then upgrade to FPBX 2.10 afterward?

Any insight is appreciated. Many thanks.


For the sake of clarification, I was asking whether backup & restore requires PHP 5.3, and if you don’t know, who could/should I ask?