PHP 3.23 centos server3.9 and freepbx won´t install

I´m trying to install asterisk and freepbx on an old K6-2.
After lots of trouble, I´ve managed to install the latest zaptel and asterisk, they are running fine.
Now I want to install freepbx.

REading the INSTALL file, followed all of it but the spand dsp part.
When I hit the Install_amp, the script starts returnin me the error:

Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /var/www/html/admin/</ b> on line 1082

When I try to connect to http://localhost/admin. get the same error but on line 1081.

Another strange thing is that when I get information on PHP version through phpmyadmin, it says the version is 3.23, when I get from yum info php, it says is 4.3.

Please, any comments on this? Should I go to the PHP forums?

Thanks a lot

It sounds like you have more then one copy of php installed and in different locations.

type php -v at the linux command prompt and see what they default php process is that get’s called, I’m guessing 3.23. Then you’ll need to review the defined path and either remove/rename the older version or adjust the path so that it can find the newer version first.