Phones will not register with new password setup in FreePBX

We have 8 Polycom 330 phones that have given no trouble. FreePBX has been a wonder and just marvelous!!

However, since upgrading to FreePBX and Asterisk and learning that secrets for extensions now must meet the requirement to be at least 6 characters long with alpha and numeric characters, there has been one rather large problem.

When configuring a new Polycom 330 in the system I set up the extension in FreePBX and set up Line 1 in the Polycom to have the same secret as I put in FreePBX for this new extension. The phone does not register with the PBX. After spending a few frustrated minutes working with the issue, I removed the secret from the new extension and took the password out of the Line 1 setup (this is bad practice, I know). I rebooted the phone and WALAH!! it worked.

Seems there is either a bug in the new update or something was not clearly explained in regard to how to make the new password requirements function correctly.

If anyone cares, there it is. If there is a solution other than mine, please let me know. Thanks.

What is the status of this? Polycom’s can’t do alpha/numeric for their passwords, only numeric. Previous versions this was fine, but recent updates have broken this.

how do I set things back to only needing a numeric password?