Phones used to reboot on restart, but have stopped doing that now

Yealink phones need to reboot on restart of Freepbx, or else the BLF fields don’t work. I had this working before, but now they will not reboot automatically on restart. This was the old solution:

added to /etc/rc.d/rc.local:

fwconsole restart
sleep 30s
asterisk -rx “pjsip send notify reboot-yealink endpoint 101 102 103 104…”

exit 0

Exactly one minute after a system reboot, the phones rebooted.

Has the structure changed so this doesn’t work anymore? I have run the chmod command for the file, but that hasn’t helped.

The phones need to be online and reachable by asterisk when notify is sent. If they aren’t, the notify will not have any effect. I would check this first.

If the phones are online, I would try sending that command normally through asterisk CLI and see if it reboots a phone. Not sure with Yealink, but some manufacturers will not reboot on a check-sync unless there is a configuration change that requires it.

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