Phones unregistering and cannot provision new phones

Hi there,

Starting yesterday, I noticed there are some phones not connected to the server. All extensions were working few weeks ago. When I started diagnosing the problem, I noticed I cannot provision new phones either. When I direct my new phone to the server, it says cannot connect to boot server.

The phones I have on site are Polycom 330/331/550.

That did not go too well and while I was looking for solutions online, I noticed one of my phone dropped from server. I quickly looked at the log in GUI and it says:

VERBOSE[2083] chan_sip.c: Unregistered SIP XXXX

XXXX is the extension number. Few weeks ago, I have 32/32 connected and working phones and as of this moment, I have 27/32 connected and working phones. The phones are dropping out one by one and I do not know what to do to correct/prevent the problem.

When I go to the phone, it says Unregistered. AOR: Extension:ServerIP

Anyone can shine in the problem?

Sorry, I forgot to add that I am running FreePBX Distro 10.13.66-7 with Asterisk 13.

Is there anywhere I can check the log for module updates? I think this started happening after I updated a batch of modules on Jan 16, 2016 after I returned from my vacation…

What specific version of Asterisk? If you are not on 13.7, suggest to upgrade and retest, it sounds a lot like you are seeing the un-registration bug discussed in several other threads.

After I discovered this, I made sure my system is up to date and it is running Asterisk 13.7

@lgaetz Here is what the status page says:

Name/username Host Dyn Forcerport Comedia ACL Port Status Description
1000 (Unspecified) D Yes Yes A 0 UNKNOWN
1001/1001 D Yes Yes A 5060 OK (2 ms)
1002/1002 D Yes Yes A 5060 OK (2 ms)

This is one of the few dropped lines…

I made some progress on this matter. I switched from the phone vlan to a different vlan and now on the status page it shows the IP but the status still shows UNREACHABLE rather than the OK (2 ms)

It seems like I’ve solve the problem. After a series of module updates, the Firewall module had change and it was blocking connections from my vlan where my phones are located. I’ve reconfigured the Firewall module and everything seems to be working fine now.