Phones rebooting when updating from Endpoint Manager

Using a new server (virtual machine) with FreePBX 16. In Endpoint Manager, whenever I run “Save, Rebuild Configs, and Update Phones”, any phones receiving the updates reboot. We have about 100 servers running FreePBX 15, but this new server on v16 is rebooting phones when they receive updates from Endpoint Manager. I am unable to find anything in the base file edits regarding reboot or resync or sip notify that would be causing reboots. The phones are Grandstream GXP 2140 and 2170, firmware We have other sites that use phones of the same firmware that do not experience this. Any help appreciated.

My understanding is that this is phone specific.

I am not familiar how Grandstream phones handle configuration updates, but my experience with Polycom phones has been that they restart each time you update the configuration.

Sangoma phones typically don’t.

It could be that Grandstream config updates require a restart for the changes to take effect.

We’ve had Grandstream phones in our organization for almost 4 years with FreePBX as the VOIP server. This is the first time seeing the phones reboot when applying EM updates. Fortunately we have great provider for our VOIP services and one of the engineers modified some asterisk code, though he did not tell me what that was.

Might be helpful to others here in the future if you could get that information and post it here.

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