Phones randomly going into DND

Hey All,

I have a weird question, not sure if I should post it into a sub-topic but this seemed appropriate.

I have a few GXP-2170’s out in the field (About 25) and I have 2-3 endpoints that from time to time like to set themselves into DND (user reported).

These few employee’s that are reporting every 10-15 minutes their phones are going into DND randomly.

Here are the Details:

  • FreePBX
  • Grandstream GXP2170
  • It only seems to be going into DND, the phone does not go out of DND
  • It only seems to happen when the phone is in use
  • I have turned DND off on the extensions after hours and re-enabled it before working hours and this does not happen when is even more peculiar.

I wanted to ask if there is anything at all anyone knows of that can be putting these endpoints into DND automatically? It only seems to happen when the extension is in use.

I can see they are in DND when they report it…but can’t see much else in the logs either than the phone is put into DND.

Any help is appreciated.

Best Regards,

Chris W.

What firmware are you running? There are LOTS of buggy firmware’s floating around out there - is the current and what I am running on all my 2135/2170’s and it works really well - it even supports USB headsets on the 2170’s - which is a pretty cool feature.

Don’t beat you head against the wall troubleshooting until you are running current firmware.

That was one of my first thoughts :frowning:

We are running .35 on one unit that is having issues, we have also ran which EPM downloads labeled as firmware “1.18”

Some of the extensions have been having issues for a while and have gone through multiple firmware upgrades.

So this has been ongoing for a while through a few releases, including the current.

My assumption is that there’s a (DSS?) key they press on the phone that activates DND.

IIRC, the hold button on Grandstream phones can activate DND.

Also, search the CDR right after it happened to check what was dialed. (If you don’t see anything, it might be a good idea to change the DND on the phone to dial a feature code instead of setting the phone itself to DND)

Thanks for the replies!

I do see that they are dialing the feature codes to enable/disable DND, though I do know some use the hold button as well.

I see the CDR reports show them dialing/toggling DND via feature codes, is there any way to track the usage of the hold button?


I’ve had this exact thing happen and it was people dialing a * when meaning to call a parked call. So if the toggle for DND is *76 and they got to pick up a call on park 76, they dial *76 by mistake.

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