Phones not working - no changes except for 'read only' to yes then back to no

Hi All.

Wondering if anyone has a suggestions…

System was working fine extensions in-bound & outbound calling and internal extension calling all good, firewall also working well.

I did change the display read only setting in advanced (…was going to redirect voicemails) but decided not to make the changes and set read-only settings back to no. During the change back to ‘no’ on read only system got hung up and ended up rebooting.

For some reason now my phones do not connect to the SIP service and both in bound and outbound calls do not work ( constant busy signal) and SIP service does not connect to FREEBPX host (VER FreePBX 15.0.21 ).

Any thoughts or let me know if specific log files would help to determine the issue.

All service on freepbx are running included asterisk based on the system overview display.


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