Phones not ringing

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We have several Polycom phones. The phones are registered but not able to receive any inbound calls, not even extension to extension works. Phone A calls phone B (ext to ext dialing), phones A hears a busy signal from phone B. All the phones and PBX is on the same LAN. I have checked that the phones are not set to DND on the PBX. If I enable VM then instead of getting a busy signal I get the ext VM. Also outbound is fully working from all Extension, this is only an inbound issue. I am not a FreePBX / Asterisk expert, so not sure what else to try. Please help.


have you looked at the inbound routes settings?


also check the local networks listed in settings > asterisk sip settings.


On the inbound routes I have the DID going to an extension. That extension is not ringing so I get that extension’s VM. Also it doesn’t even work EXT to EXT which should not have anything to do with inbound routes since they are local extensions. I believe it should just go from phone to phone, but again I am familiar with other PBX’s just not FreePBX. FYI. This is a new install it has never worked.


did you look here???

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Provide a call trace -

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